Architectural homes inspired by nature

10-star home in Victoria

Homes that harmonise with nature require innovation and vision

The Sociable Weaver is an architecture and construction firm designing sustainable homes in Victoria, Australia. We’re here to support you through architecture, interior design, sustainability analysis, town planning, documentation and construction.

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HIA Member
B Corporation
Certified Passive
Architects RBV

Our Impact

We create homes for people and our planet. We get to know you, how you like to live and how a home can support your growth and connection to others and nature.

We bring 20+ years experience in design and build and mix it with our team’s passion to leave behind a better world.

We think about your home in its entirety - from how you’ll spend your time living there, to the materials and design that connect you to others and nature.

We build for longevity and ensure you house continues to perform when you're gone.

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Dave, Michael & Reece founders of The Sociable Weaver

Dave Martin (Construction Director), Michael Nowlan (Head of Design) & Reece Stubbs (CEO).

Measuring our impact as a business

Our total impact is equivalent to


balloons of co2 gas removed from the atmosphere


Trees planted


the amount of zero energy Australian homes for a year


number of cars taken off the road

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Located at 11 Princes street, St Kilda, 3182, Victoria

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