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We are an architectural and construction firm designing and building beautiful, healthy and sustainable homes to have a positive impact on people and the planet.

The Sociable Weaver team at Mt Rothwell in the heart of Odonata’s conservation land building fences to support the eco-system of the conservation land. Read more

Who we are

We’re a group of experienced, passionate humans brought together by our love of architecture and construction. We cover a broad range from design, project management, estimating through to construction. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their dream whilst helping our planet survive.

If you’re just looking for a high quality, sustainable builder, (you don’t require design services or you are an architect) we’re very happy to support you - clients directly engage our construction entity Martin Builders.

We show up every day to build deeper connections with others, design for lifestyle and build for longevity in homes for this generation and those to come.

Our team

What is a Sociable Weaver?

Across the semi-arid plains of Southern Africa, some of the most spectacular structures ever built by a bird are perched on top of trees and power lines. These carefully constructed nests reach heights of up to four metres, with as many as four or five hundred birds inhabiting them at one time. Woven together with twigs, stems, sticks and dried grasses, they feature interconnected spaces that allow the inhabitants to both socialise and enjoy solitude within the bird community. The nests are designed in a way that provides the birds with year-round thermal comfort, featuring well-insulated central chambers inhabited in cold winters, and ventilated lightweight outer chambers inhabited in hot summer. Nesting several generations at a time, these nests withstand the extreme African weather to exist for hundreds of years.

These resilient, high-density communities are built to belong by the incredibly intelligent bird – the Sociable Weaver.

Inspired by this small bird, we too work with the natural world, building homes that foster a sense of belonging for everyone who inhabits them. We are not only interested in creating homes; we are interested in creating and nurturing a meaningful way of being — one that inspires a richer experience for the inhabitant, and has a positive impact on the world we live in.

Our approach

Here to outlast a lifetime, not just a good time

We design & build our homes to outlast a lifetime, focusing on making them practical, beautiful and sustainable for generations to come.


Environmental responsibility informs every decision we make from our building materials to our building processes. This isn’t just about positively impacting the planet and increasing energy efficiency in our homes, it’s about connecting residents to nature, awakening their senses, and promoting a healthier, more balanced state of mind and wellbeing.


We’re interested in creating homes and streetscapes that open people up to one another, that cultivate meaningful relationships while still allowing residents to find the solitude they need in their daily lives. Like the nests built by the Sociable Weaver, our homes foster a sense of belonging — connecting residents to their environment, their community and ultimately, to themselves.


We believe beauty and the aesthetic world play a powerful role in igniting the human spirit and inspiring us to action. When created well, spaces should captivate and move us, maybe even change our heartbeat. That’s what we aspire to do – to create beautiful homes, upholding craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

Measuring our impact

Throughout the year, we reflect as a team on whether we exceeded, met, or fell short of our targets. This introspection guides our improvement efforts and holds us accountable to our team, to our clients and ultimately to the planet.

We incorporate third party accreditations including eTool and B Corp to track our impact across projects and as a business. Each of our design and builds are measured against a comprehensive audit, these are then shared to us and the homeowners as reports. We also summarise the impact of each our projects on our website while also providing a running total of impact measured to date.

Our impact dashboard

Over it’s life span, The Bungalow will emit 395 tCO2e less than average or standard buildings providing the same functionality


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