We're architects, designers, builders and site administrators whose passion is to positively change our corner of the world through thoughtful design and builds that encourage connection to nature, community and family.

We’re committed to reducing our footprint on the planet and rely on third party audits, reporting and certifications to help us quantify our impact.

We do this so we’re working off tangible numbers that guide us towards constant improvement and offsetting our impact.

“Part of the dream is to connect people back to nature through the projects we design and build.”

Dave Martin

Co–Founder & Director

Meet the team

Dave Martin

Co–Founder & Director

It has long been clear that Dave Martin, founder and Director of The Sociable Weaver & Martin Builders, is in this world and the building industry to lift the game and challenge the status quo. Dave’s skills and experience as a builder comes with numerous prestigious accolades and awards, such as the Master Builder of the year and other highly sought after industry awards. He has also had a wide spread of marketing and media interaction and appearances, featuring on Grand Designs Australia for the construction of the Croft House. Dave has wide experience in the construction industry and is the director, co-director and co-founder of multiple companies across his time such as Archiblox, Birdie Workshop, JM Cladding, Small Giants Developments, and The Cape Patterson Eco-Village, The Sociable Weaver and Martin Builders. Dave has always had a passion for high quality, responsible and sustainable design and construction. This passion connected him with likeminded peers who were doing their bit to make change but Dave found himself wanting to do more – this was the motivation to start The Sociable Weaver & Martin Builders. Dave wanted to take things further to use his skills to make a difference in the world. The Sociable Weaver & Martin Builders gives him the opportunity to drive his vision for change and to challenge construction common practice into something really exciting and innovative. Through Dave’s practice he has proved that carbon negative is possible and a 10 star energy rating is achievable.

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